Wednesday, 3 January 2007

New year hangovers and resolutions

Well, my worst fears did come true on the New Year's eve and I landed up drunk in a pub with three friends after bunking office for this. The party went on for till 4 am in the morning and then we went on a beach and drank a lot more till about 8 or 9 in the morning. Although the dancing in the pub was fun (cos I encountered a couple of beautiful girls from England and we danced a lot together ) the rest was just the usual stuff which I regret after getting up in the morning, in this case evening. I came home at 10 and slept till 4 in the eve when I had to wake up and dash to the office. I had off's on Tuesday and Wednesday and both of these were wasted in recovering from the party blues. Anyway my new year resolution is to quit drinking every week or so ( I'd like to be a social drinker now ) as it's something that I don't like any-more and getting in shape. Please wish me luck!!

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