Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Brain Exercises to keep your brain fit.

I found this site called mybraintrainer.com a while ago which has several great exercises for your brain. The one problem is that to become a member, you have to shell out 10$ (for a 4 month subscription) and only members can access all of the exercises and other features on the site. You can however try one of the exercises on the home page for free. The demo exercise should give you a fair idea on how good the site is and if you would like to shell out the 10$. Since recently I have been into mental health such a big deal I decided to actually join the site as a member and try the exercises a couple of days ago. I have tried all the exercises on the site now and I must say that some of them are not easy, you have to concentrate, think and do it pretty fast to be good at them and this is good for your head. Another good thing about them is that you can then start a guided training program (basic, intermediate etc) to take you through the exercises - I have now started the basic exercise training which is for 21 days and will see how much it helps, I will let you know also. The best thing of course about joining a program like this in contrast to doing exercises by yourself is that you know how well you are doing in comparison to others your age or all ages. Also, on the basis of how well you do on the exercises, the site tells you about your brain age, mine was 32 (I am 22) the first time and I have now bought it down to 26 (the ultimate brain age according to their data is 21) hope to be that pretty soon now. So if you feel that age is slowing down how fast you used to think and react or affecting your memory or you just want a fit and alert brain I would suggest that you go their site, try the demo exercise and read on what they have to say and join the program now. You can access the site here.

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