Thursday, 4 January 2007

Alcohol effects

I found an interesting post on searching on technorati which talks about the various effects of Alcohol on the human body. You can find the post here. Like I said my new year resolution is to kick alcohol and become fit. One of the biggest reasons you should also consider total abstinence from alcohol if you are looking to get fit is that, it's your enemy if you do. It has the highest amount of calories after fat, alcohol has 7 calories per gram while fat has 9. It also suppresses the body's ability to metabolize fat in a big way. Since most people consume alcohol along with food, the accumulation of fat is usually the result. It also dehydrates you and has no nutritional value, its basically empty calories just like sugar is. Also, as is universally known, alcohol creates numerous problems and it even stops testosterone production in men!! So, if you are thinking of getting in shape then stay away from booze. As they say- if you booze, you lose!!

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