Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Brain Exercises to keep your brain fit.

I found this site called mybraintrainer.com a while ago which has several great exercises for your brain. The one problem is that to become a member, you have to shell out 10$ (for a 4 month subscription) and only members can access all of the exercises and other features on the site. You can however try one of the exercises on the home page for free. The demo exercise should give you a fair idea on how good the site is and if you would like to shell out the 10$. Since recently I have been into mental health such a big deal I decided to actually join the site as a member and try the exercises a couple of days ago. I have tried all the exercises on the site now and I must say that some of them are not easy, you have to concentrate, think and do it pretty fast to be good at them and this is good for your head. Another good thing about them is that you can then start a guided training program (basic, intermediate etc) to take you through the exercises - I have now started the basic exercise training which is for 21 days and will see how much it helps, I will let you know also. The best thing of course about joining a program like this in contrast to doing exercises by yourself is that you know how well you are doing in comparison to others your age or all ages. Also, on the basis of how well you do on the exercises, the site tells you about your brain age, mine was 32 (I am 22) the first time and I have now bought it down to 26 (the ultimate brain age according to their data is 21) hope to be that pretty soon now. So if you feel that age is slowing down how fast you used to think and react or affecting your memory or you just want a fit and alert brain I would suggest that you go their site, try the demo exercise and read on what they have to say and join the program now. You can access the site here.

Games to improve your mental health 2

Hi, if you haven't read part 1, go read it here, I recommend that you do.

1. Try placing a piece of paper on your forehead and then writing your last name on it with your left hand or right one if you are left handed. Practise this until you are able to write your last name readably well.

2. Exercise regularly as its good for your body and anything that is good for your body is good your brain as well.

3. Eat well for the same reasons as well.

4. Try your hand at learning a new language and start playing an instrument. This helps to stimulate your brain very fast.

5. Cut down on the time you spend watching T.V. Research has proved that your brain is more active during sleep than when watching T.V.

6. When you do watch it, make it interesting by noting things the number of times the speaker says no or any other thing that you can think of.

7. Solve puzzles, conundrums and passwords...

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Refrigerator Raid: Don't Let Stress "Eat" At You!

Refrigerator Raid: Don't Let Stress "Eat" At You!
The link is above is an excellent post I found searching on the net today by someone who calls himself/herself Midnight Raider.

Most of us when in stress, tend to binge on food that makes us feel good for the moment. If you tend to this as well, remember that its not good for you [not just for your figure but also for your overall health] What I liked about the post is that it points out that there may be different mental emotions which make you binge on food and reminds you of things which you can do to combat those instead of raiding the refrigerator. Keep these things in mind the next time you reach for the munchies...

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Games to improve your brain functioning

It has now been established by prominent research that mental functioning can be improved at all ages. Teaching the brain new ways of thinking and functioning creates new connections in your brain cells. (neurons) This keeps your brain active and alert [not to mention that this keeps you happy as well!]. While visiting my dentist for a check up today I was browsing through some old news papers and magazines lying around and I came across this article in Mumbai Mirror which had some exercises and games for increasing your brain power. As you may already know, the functions of the brain for most people are divided in to the left side and the right side. The left side for most people primarily deals with reasoning, language skills, analytical skills and is responsible for controlling the right side of your body. While the right brain makes you appreciate things like art,music, understand spatial concepts etc and controls the left hand side of your bode. In most people, one side is dominant over the other side. These exercises are designed so that you have to use both your right and left side brain thus making your brain more active. So swap some 20 minute stupid habit that you have for this awesome workout which ensures that your brain is fit and alert.

1.) Count the numbers 1, 2, 3...., 100 and. What you need to do is
a. Raise your left hand when you reach a number which is divisible by 3 (e.g. :- 3, 6, 27 etc)
b. Raise your right hand when you reach a number which is divisible by 4 (e.g. :- 4. 16 etc)
c. Tap your left foot when you reach a number which is divisible by 5 (e.g. :- 5, 50 etc)
d. Clap your hands when you reach a number divisible by both 3 & 4 (e.g :- 12, 24 etc)

2.) Now, to increase your focus, split it right down the middle - put a functioning clock with a second hand next to your T.V and focus on the second hand of the clock for 2 entire minutes. Remember you should not be distracted by the T.V.

3.) Now, to make you ambi-dexterous, write your name on a piece of paper with your right and left hands simultaneously. This makes sure that your right and left side brains are working at the same time.

4.) Now, pick out five 4 letter words, five 5 letter words, and five 6 letter words and right them down on a piece of paper, you then need to spell each word without looking backwards. This should give you some clarity of thought. When this becomes easy, move on to bigger words.

5.) For your right brain,
a. Draw a rectangle the size of a regular postage stamp on a paper. [without looking for all] b. Draw a straight line which is equal to the length of your feet.
c. Draw a rectangle the size of your mobile phone.
d. Draw a rectangle the size of credit/debit card.

6.) Also, teach your brain to do some unusual things like reading backwards [you can start with a paragraph and move on to entire books [ if you want to : ) ]

7.) Be creative, if you find yourself unable to concentrate on something important when you really need too, try changing your body posture as that helps in focusing your brain.

8.) Get in to the habit of sitting with your back straight. [ if you don't believe this can help, then try doing some math while sitting awkwardly and then do the same thing sitting with your spine straight. You will notice the difference. ]

Also, you should look at foods that increase your brain power. Try Brain Power – 6 Super Foods to Boost your Brain Performance

There are some other techniques that you can use but I will save them for another post. Try these for now.

Ways to change your life: 8 Good ways to exercise your brain

Ways to change your life: 8 Good ways to exercise your brain
Well, Mental health is a big part of your overall health and is probably the most important part of it. A healthy mind helps you to keep the enthusiasm, interest and not to mention the skills for other things you might want to do. I found this great post on how to keep yourself mentally healthy. Everyone should try these. Go find the post here and let me know if you like it.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

baithak: yearning/khalish

baithak: yearning/khalish

Found a wonderful blog with lots of interesting poems and thoughts, loved this one. Go check it out here.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Mental Health

Mental Health is a big part of your health and one of the worst enemies of mental health is stress[I know you know this already] but if you constantly feel stressed out by events and bad luck, then you need to read these 52 proven stress reducers. These are simple things that you and I can do to keep unnecessary stress away from your life. I have started doing some of the more important things listed here and the results are great!! I know a lot of the things written here are common sense and almost every one knows that they should be doing it, but methodically listing them this way as anti stress habits helps much more just like writing down appointments and things to do helps...

Thursday, 4 January 2007

Alcohol effects

I found an interesting post on searching on technorati which talks about the various effects of Alcohol on the human body. You can find the post here. Like I said my new year resolution is to kick alcohol and become fit. One of the biggest reasons you should also consider total abstinence from alcohol if you are looking to get fit is that, it's your enemy if you do. It has the highest amount of calories after fat, alcohol has 7 calories per gram while fat has 9. It also suppresses the body's ability to metabolize fat in a big way. Since most people consume alcohol along with food, the accumulation of fat is usually the result. It also dehydrates you and has no nutritional value, its basically empty calories just like sugar is. Also, as is universally known, alcohol creates numerous problems and it even stops testosterone production in men!! So, if you are thinking of getting in shape then stay away from booze. As they say- if you booze, you lose!!

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

New year hangovers and resolutions

Well, my worst fears did come true on the New Year's eve and I landed up drunk in a pub with three friends after bunking office for this. The party went on for till 4 am in the morning and then we went on a beach and drank a lot more till about 8 or 9 in the morning. Although the dancing in the pub was fun (cos I encountered a couple of beautiful girls from England and we danced a lot together ) the rest was just the usual stuff which I regret after getting up in the morning, in this case evening. I came home at 10 and slept till 4 in the eve when I had to wake up and dash to the office. I had off's on Tuesday and Wednesday and both of these were wasted in recovering from the party blues. Anyway my new year resolution is to quit drinking every week or so ( I'd like to be a social drinker now ) as it's something that I don't like any-more and getting in shape. Please wish me luck!!

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Weight Training

I have been doing some conventional exercises like dips, crunches, jogging and weights combined with yoga recently and the effect is simply awesome guys!! Every one must try it. You feel light and good on the inside and muscular and tight on the outside. This does wonders for you. I have now decided to join a nearby gym also. I will be going to the gym 3 days a week and I will do yoga for 3 days and take rest from exercising for 1 day. I will let you know how this works out...