Friday, 15 December 2006

No yoga again

I have had fever since Wednesday and haven't been able to do any yoga because of it and I feel like shit again. By the way I have been to a doctor and have taken the medicines she prescribed without any whining this time but the reason the fever has continued till today, is that I have had to go to work. I work in call centre and a pretty evil one at that and not going one day costs you a large part of your salary (which I badly need at the moment) and a lot of explaining cum begging to do. You do get a sick leave for an emergency but that happens to be only once in 6 months. Who would dig working here? well I fucking don't. Anyways I slept at 7 in the morning today and got up at 2 in the afternoon. Now, I have a shift at 12:30 am tonight (or the next day) till 9:30 am tomorrow and the bastards don't have climate control installed. God knows how am I going to survive that. I hope the doctor can now shell out some powerful medicine to keep fever at bay. I think I am going to start yoga only after a week as my body needs some rest now and yoga does put some strain on your body and more strain is what I can not take...

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