Thursday, 30 November 2006

Shavasana for relaxation meditation and a good nights sleep

I work in a BPO ( Call Centre ) and since that requires me to work in shifts and also since I have had sleep problems since years now, I am not always able to sleep well and regularly have to go for days without adequate sleep. Sometimes, I am so tired, I can not even think and I still can not fall asleep, my stomach is churning and there is a feeling of complete un-ease in my body. People who have had to suffer from insomnia would know how bad it is. This has posed so many problems for me over the years, my college education was constantly a struggle because of this and my job is a struggle now. As I have mentioned in this blog before, yoga has helped me a lot with this, and I am now so grateful I started this. Have you ever had trouble sleeping? the try this, its called Shavasana.

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